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It's Worth the Drive!

Here at the farm, we are well into our main selling season now, and most days are busy. However, what’s busy for us is pleasant shopping for you! We met a lovely couple on the weekend who couldn’t face the crowds in one of the major greenhouses close to here, found us on line and made the journey from Barrie to check us out. They not only found all the plants they were looking for and received plenty of help from our knowledgeable staff but also enjoyed a relaxing rest in the shade under our canopy with our dog. Talk about stress relief!

Display Gardens for Inspiration

Display Gardens for Inspiration

We hope that you too will embrace your visit to our little piece of paradise. Shopping here isn’t just about the plants – it’s the whole package… The scent from our large Lilac grove hangs heavy in the air right now and birds are always singing. Take a few minutes to wander around our display gardens for some gardening inspiration, or just absorb and enjoy the simple beauty of living plants and nature. We aim to take the stress out of plant shopping!

Canada 150 Tulips

Canada 150 Tulips

2017 Opening Times

We're open daily April 28 to June 18
9am to 5pm

Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Cash or Cheque accepted
Gift certificates available – great idea for your favourite gardener!

See us at the Creemore Farmers Market
Saturday mornings from May 20 to June 17

Personalized Service!

Customer comment from Facebook

"So happy to have met Katie and learned about her business. The personalized assistance is such a bonus. I described my garden and came home with the precise number and type of plants to suit our needs. The quality of the plants is amazing as they are so well cared for while in the greenhouses. I love my planters that Katie stores over the winter and then plants in early spring so that they are well on their way by the time we pick them up in May or June."

Customer Planter

Custom Container Planting Service

Sweet Potato Vine Varieties

Vigorous summer colour!

Sweet Potato Vines are a real staple around here! They're fantastic in mixed planters, hanging baskets or planted in the ground where they will sprawl and fill out beautifully. These foliage plants have a mounding and trailing habit and their vigorous growth and colourful leaves make them very popular. Plant breeders have been very busy in the last while and there are now quite a variety of shapes and colours available.

5 Different Sweet Potato Vine Varieties

This year we are growing 5 different Sweet Potato Vine varieties. Lime is one of the oldest colours and is very vigorous, usually requiring trimming to prevent it taking over other plants. A less vigorous option is Light Green, shown in the photo with pink Petunias. Light green is more manageable, while still being easy to grow. Blackie is a beautiful dark purple colour and blends well with pinks and blues. Tricolour is a mix of pink, cream and green and adds a delicate pastel tone to combinations. As the photo shows, Bronze is a gorgeous coppery colour and blends well with reds and grasses. Plant Sweet Potato Vines in full sun or partial shade. They love the heat and the hotter the summer, the more they will grow. Consequently, be careful with them in early spring – they are very tender in the cold and even a cold wind can damage them. Ensure all risk of frost is passed before you plant them out.

Light Green with Pink Petunias

Light Green with Pink Petunias

Bronze is a gorgeous coppery colour and blends well with reds and grasses

Bronze is a gorgeous coppery colour

Herb and Veggie Containers

Great for the patio, deck or back door

Our herb and veggie planters are great both for gardeners without a garden or just to keep close by as an easy source of meal ingredients. We have grown a few different combos – all consisting of easy to grow varieties that perform well in pots. Harvest healthy greens from our Mixed Kale Planters all season long – just cut and they will regrow. Our Patio Tomato Pot is a combination of 3 types of dwarf Tomato that will fruit all season long. We have grown several container types of Mixed Herbs, including a window box planter to hang off a railing - great for the cook in the family to keep close for a steady supply of fresh herbs. Of course, if you are inspired by our combos, but fancy something different, why not plant your own – we have a good selection of herbs, veggies and heritage tomatoes to choose from and will be happy to help!

Mixed Kale Planters

Mixed Kale Planters

Meet Mac and Bryan

Our 4 legged greeters!

Many of you will already have met our 4 legged greeters Mac and Bryan! If not, look for them the next time you are here and say Hi! Mac is our 5 year old black Lab - Boxer rescue dog who is very friendly and loves meeting our visitors. If he’s not by your car when you arrive he is probably keeping watch over his domain from on top of his stack of potting soil. Bryan our young cat became part of our family last spring when we rescued him from the mean streets of Creemore. He’s now just turned 1 and is still playful and curious. You can usually find him hiding in the greenhouses behind planters or hanging out at the cash! He’s very sociable and loves being petted. Of course, please remember to always let our animals come to you. Please respect their boundaries and wishes if they walk away.

Mac our 5 year old black Lab - Boxer rescue dog

Mac our 5 year old black Lab - Boxer rescue dog

Bryan the Cat from Creemore

Bryan the cat

Creeping Phlox Red Wing

Vibrant spring time colour!

Need an extra splash of colour in your garden in the spring? Creeping Phlox Red Wing may be the plant for you! Vibrant carmine pink flowers are extremely eye catching, blooming when most other perennials are just starting to poke out of the ground. This hardy perennial ground cover forms a low growing carpet of evergreen foliage which is completely smothered in flowers in the spring. It looks fabulous in rock beds or tumbling over a wall. Ensure that you plant in full sun and well drained soil as it will easily rot in soil that is too wet. After the blooms are finished, the dense foliage continues to look great for the remainder of the year. Creeping Phlox will spread quickly to form a large patch and is a very easy, bright and cheery addition to your garden. (Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens)

Creeping Phlox Red Wing

Creeping Phlox Red Wing

Katie's Tips

Attracting bees to your garden

Most gardeners are familiar with the vital role that bees and other pollinators play within the ecosystem. Bees are amazing pollinators – in addition to the familiar honeybee, there are about 4000 species of native or wild bees in North America including bumblebees, carpenter bees, sweat bees, leafcutter bees and mason bees. However, due to causes that are still not fully understood, bee populations are currently in serious decline. Contributing factors may include parasites, diseases, exposure to pesticides, decline in habitat and reduction in plant diversity. By creating diverse plantings, incorporating wildflowers and native species, we can help build habitat and food sources for bees and other pollinators.

When choosing new plants for your garden, consider the following factors to attract bees:

  • Single flowers provide more nectar and pollen than double flowers
  • Flat or shallow blossoms will attract the widest variety of bees
  • Blue, yellow and purple are the most attractive colours for bees
  • Bees especially love the following perennial plants: Aconitum (Monkshood), Agastache (Anise Hyssop), Aquilegia (Columbine), Aster, Echinacea (Coneflower), Geranium (Cranesbill), Lavender, Leucanthemum (Daisy), Monarda (Beebalm), Nepeta (Catmint), Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan), Salvia

Single flowers provide more nectar

How to attact bees to your garden

See you at the flower farm

We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much for your continued business and support – it is our pleasure to be growing for you!

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