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A Fabulous 25th Season!

All our plants found new homes

First of all, I must apologise for the delay in getting this last newsletter out. With the ‘condensed’ spring, I feel as if I am permanently behind this year. As you will well know, we are now closed after a busy and successful season - all our annuals and veggie plants have found new homes. Mac and Bryan are enjoying a well deserved rest from greeting customers.

Mac and Bryan on summer vacation.

Mac and Bryan on summer vacation.

We certainly couldn’t operate this business without our tremendous farm employees – Kieron Rupke, Cathy Cook, Kelly French and Val White who start at the farm during snowy February and put up with me ‘cracking the whip’ and my never ending lists to get everything planted according to ‘The Plan’. By opening day, they clean up a little, put on their selling caps and off they go, helping you all choose plants that you can be successful with in your own gardens. I know we are lucky to have such a cohesive team, who are always there to help each other out. Each member brings their own strengths to work each day, but their positivity and commitment to excellence is common to them all and is an integral part of our company culture. Thank you ladies for another fabulous season! I also must acknowledge Rosalyn, Daniel and Ben who are always there to help out during our growing and selling season. Growing up immersed in a family business and working for your parents can have its moments I know, but you are an integral part of this operation - we need you and appreciate all that you do!
We have had a short but successful season at the Creemore Farmers Market. We are thrilled to still be a part of this vibrant organisation after all these years - many of you have watched our kids grow up at the market! Thank you to Ben and friend Dave for getting up and out very early on Saturdays to help run our stall!

We hope that all your new plants thrive and that you enjoy a fantastic season in your garden. In September, I start planning our crops for 2019, so please send feedback and ideas about what you would like us to grow again next year.
I hope you have enjoyed these newsletters - I feel it is a great way to stay in touch and I look forward to writing more!

Amazing Staff!

Amazing staff

Summer and Fall Landscaping Projects

Open by appointment

As we plant our perennials and shrubs throughout the year on landscaping jobs, we still have a very good selection at the farm. If you find yourself undertaking a new landscaping venture or are just in need of a few plants to fill in gaps over the summer or fall, please contact me and I would be happy to be open for a private shopping appointment.

New Garden Projects

Garden Projects

Customer Appreciation Draw

Everyone on our email list has a chance to win

Congratulations to Peter Ruse, long time customer who has become a friend to us all due to his passion for plants and gardening. Peter is the well deserving winner of our annual customer appreciation draw and is very sensibly putting his winnings towards next year’s garden expenses. Peter has a show piece shady garden in Wasaga Beach, full of annual colour. Peter’s favourite plants are Begonias and New Guinea Impatiens which he plants en masse. All e news recipients are automatically entered in our customer appreciation draw each year and a lucky winner receives $150 worth of plants. Thank you Peter for being a loyal customer over the years!

Peter from Wasaga Beach

Peter from Wasaga Beach

Fertilize your annuals!

Keep your plants happy

So now you have your annuals planted – either in the ground or containers. Believe it or not the most important care that you can give them is not deadheading or watering – it’s fertilizing! Well, watering would be good idea too… with your fertilizer! There are two types of fertilizer.

  1. Slow release granules are placed on the soil or mixed in slightly and release food slowly over the course of the season. All our planters and hanging baskets have slow release fertilizer added, but it would be best to add more once or twice through the season, especially if the plants are heavy feeders such as Petunias.
  2. Soluble fertilizer is mixed with water and should be applied at least once a week. At the farm we fertilize with every watering and you can do this too. A combination of these two types of fertilizer is ideal for annuals and will give you fabulous blooms and strong healthy growth until or even after frost hits.

Feed your plants for beautiful blooms

Happy plants

Make Pesto

Are you growing basil?

One of my favourite summer recipes is Pesto, made with fresh Basil from the garden. I don’t really have quantities, just ingredients, but after you’ve made it a couple of times you’ll get the hang of it and you can adapt it to your own taste. The trick is to use lots of Basil and not too much oil. Here’s how to do it…

Easy Pesto


Thank you!

For shopping at a local family farm

Finally, a huge thank you from our family and staff for an absolutely amazing 25th season. Without you – our loyal customers, we would definitely not be here, growing plants and doing what we love! So whether you are a long time customer or have just discovered us this year, give yourself a pat on the back for supporting our small family business, shopping locally, helping to create local jobs and therefore stimulating our local economy – we really appreciate your business and again, THANK YOU!

We really appreciate your business for 25 years!

25 years on the farm

Have a great summer

Have a safe and happy summer, don’t forget to fertilize your annuals and enjoy your gardens. Like our Facebook page for photos and video tips. Stay in touch and please feel free to contact me with questions or queries over the summer.

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Cut and Dried Flower Farm
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