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Effective Weed Control


Well, time is ticking on – we’re into June and summer is almost here (most days!) Plants are growing rapidly outside as they soak up the moisture from this late, wet spring. Of course, this means weeds too. Don’t forget that we have a good supply of shredded cedar mulch available. It’s naturally coloured and will fade over 2 or 3 years to a grey colour as it weathers and breaks down into the soil. Mulch is great for spreading on your garden to help reduce weed growth and keep moisture in the ground. Our mulch is available in either small bags or bulk for pick up and delivery. Please contact us to set an appointment for loading or ordering delivery of bulk quanities.

Shredded cedar mulch

Mulched Gardens

Do you have containers that still need filling with annuals? Why not check out our large ready grown creations – hanging baskets or planters that can be popped straight into containers for big, instant colour. We have a good supply of both flowering ornamentals and culinary herb and veggie containers, all in fabulous condition.

Massive Petunia hanging basket!

Giant Petunia

We have only 2 more weeks at the Creemore Farmers Market. If you have not yet discovered this gem in our community, head on over. If you are a regular, Chris, Ben and new recruit David look forward to seeing you every week and thank you for supporting us – it’s a big job to select, load, set up, sell, load again and restock each week – in all weather!

Sunday June 17th will be our last day open, so please come by really soon. We still have a variety of plants to choose from, all in fabulous condition!

# 2 Basket with designer Chris and winner Barb Reid

One of the vibrant basket winners

2018 Opening Times

We're open daily April 27 to June 17
9am to 5pm

Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Cash or Cheque accepted
Gift certificates available – great idea for your favourite gardener!

See us at the Creemore Farmers Market
Saturday mornings from May 19 to June 16

Sedum Lemon Coral

Simple look, easy care!

I was quite excited to discover and grow this beautifully textured succulent annual. Not only is Sedum Lemon Coral vigorous, but being a succulent that stores water in its foliage, it is extremely drought tolerant. The spiky lime green to chartreuse foliage of Lemon Coral creates an easy, bright display for hot and dry locations. Growing 3-6” high and spreading about 12” wide, the effect is a perfect rounded low mound that trails slightly. Plant in hanging baskets, planters or in the ground for easy, all season colour. I plant this little gem each year on my deck in low, stone planters and mix with Begonia Dragon Wing Red, Licorice plant and Sweet Potato Vine. Perfection!

Sedum Lemon Coral

Sedum Lemon Coral


A mouthwatering taste of summer!

We grow several types of melon, all definitely worth a try in our growing zone. Mid June is the perfect time to plant as by then the soil has warmed up nicely and transplants will establish well and take off. All melons need a long hot summer to produce – see our tips for more information on growing melons. We choose varieties that mature early, giving you the best possible chance of a harvest.

Our Cantaloupe variety is called Sugar Cube and produces an abundance of small 2-4lb personal size melons with a high sugar taste and deep orange flesh. The Honeydew melons mature to 6-8lbs with a cream / green interior and high sugar taste. As for Watermelons, we grow both a delicious red fleshed variety (7-9lbs) and a very early maturing unique yellow fleshed variety (3-5lbs). If you have a sunny hot spot in your garden, try growing your very own fresh melons this summer!

Grow Melons!


Fundraiser Hanging Basket Challenge

Donation made to Alliston and District Humane Society

We are very pleased and proud to announce that with the help of you – our loyal customers, we have raised $1045 for the Alliston and District Humane Society (ADHS). Sue Shannon from the ADHS visited the farm this week to pick up the cheque. The staff Hanging Basket Challenge was conceived while brainstorming ways to celebrate our 25th Birthday. The fundraiser has turned out to be a massive success - for our staff, lucky winning customers and the ADHS. Hanging baskets were designed and planted by our staff in March, then for three weeks in May, customers purchased ballots to vote for their favourite basket, with a chance of winning it.

The basket that received the most votes was designed and planted by Val White and she has chosen the ADHS to be the recipient of money raised. Many thanks goes to our wonderful volunteers Willow Cherewaty, Lexi Dodge, Arran Adams, Ben Martin, Eileen Martin, Sherie Anderson and Kathleen Kennedy, all of whom took time away from busy lives to run the voting booth on weekends. Check out all the pictures of the 7 hanging baskets, with their designers and new owners! Congratulations to all the winners and look for some of the designs to be replicated next year for sale!

Val, Katie & Mac presenting Sue Shannon from ADHS with cheque for $1045

Sue Shannon from the Alliston and District Humane Society

Dicentra Gold Heart

New twist on a classic favourite perennial

Bleeding Hearts are one of the most popular and best loved perennials for shady spring colour. They typically grow quite tall with green foliage and white or pink flowers. Dicentra Gold Heart, however is a radiant yellow leaved Bleeding Heart which will create a brilliant focal point in the shade garden. It is shorter than the more common forms, growing a more manageable 18” - 24” tall and requires full to part shade.

Arching sprays of heart shaped pink flowers appear late spring. As with other varieties of Bleeding Heart, the plant will go dormant in the summer, so plant plenty of other colour around it which will take over the space in the summer and fall. Good companion plants include Hostas, Astilbes or Brunnera. I know I will be finding a space for Gold Heart in my gardens this year – if there are any left!

Dicentra Gold Heart

Dicentra Gold Heart

Weigela Czechmark

Unique and fun shrub

Czechmark is a new series of Weigela shrub that showcases just how much flower power this old-fashioned favourite is capable of. Grown for their plentiful and richly coloured flowers, these easy-care Weigelas are impressive. Czechmark Trilogy is an absolute dazzler that blooms in late spring with three colors at once - enjoy white, pink, and red flowers all on one plant! There aren't many other spring flowering shrubs that offer so much colour for so little effort.

Czechmark Twopink are a rich deep pink that creates a memorable late spring display, year after year. Both varieties grow to approximately 36” high and spread just as far. Flowers are produced on old wood, so limit pruning to a quick tidy up of dead wood in the spring. Plant in sun or part sun and enjoy!

Weigela Czechmark Trilogy

Weigela Czechmark Trilogy

Weigela Czechmark Twopink

Weigela Czechmark

Katies Tips

Attracting Hummingbirds to your Garden

Hummingbirds can be easily attracted to your garden by using a combination of feeders and plants. In this area, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird is the most common species found. Hummingbirds are attracted to plants by flower colours and nectar, not fragrance and are especially attracted to certain shades of red. They are intensely curious and will not hesitate to approach any red object, even human clothing, looking for potential food sources. We are often ‘buzzed’ in the greenhouses and once one of our staff even had a hummingbird land on her finger! So follow these tips to attract Hummers into your garden.

Hummingbirds are intensely curious!

Hummingbirds are intensely curious

See you at the flower farm

We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much for your continued business and support – it is our pleasure to be growing for you! See more photos and regular growing updates on our Facebook page.

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